Mass Transit

Put Your Ideas In Motion–And Make Them A Reality.

The mass transit industry has traditionally been limited by cost, weight, and established design conventions. Designers and transit authorities are looking for an enhanced interior design and enriched customer experience. Thermoplastics can help you address these challenges.

Reimagine designs, replace heavier materials, and improve the overall aesthetic of your product to unlock possibilities never imagined before. Our materials provide excellent resistance to graffiti, chemicals, and staining, and meet or exceed regulatory compliance and safety standards for the following railcar interior and bus applications:

Why SEKISUI SPI's Thermoplastics?

Through industry-wide collaboration, SEKISUI SPI brings innovation to the forefront. Our team will work with you to move from design to prototype faster, and more cost-effectively. SEKISUI SPI’s Thermoplastics are versatile, providing new options for color and texture, giving you more choices for delivering comfort and style that looks great, is exceptionally durable, and meets or exceeds specifications.

Download the Mass Transit segment guide.