Infused Imaging™

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Our Infused Imaging™ Technique/Service Changes Everything

Infused Imaging™ is a unique and detailed manufacturing process that integrates your design images and patterns directly into our KYDEX® Thermoplastic sheets – rather than apply a cap layer to the polymer during production or after thermoforming. With a clear vision of what is truly possible and the exacting Japanese manufacturing practices we follow, together we can create a remarkable piece of customized artwork.

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New Technology and Manufacturing Innovation

Similar to the process of crafting high-quality Japanese rice paper known as Washi, we follow an exacting production discipline. Adhering to the strict planning rigors of Kaizen and PDCA (Plan. Do. Check. Act.), our collective success is based on our mastery of planning fundamentals. The result is the vivid formulation and precise rendering of ultimate design clarity that is unique and transformative.

Determine If Infused Imaging™ Is Right For You

The more a part is formed the more consideration the pattern or image requires. Because the design image becomes integral with the thermoplastic sheet when the shape is thermoformed, the image will change and stretch where the part is no longer flat.

Optimal situations for Infused Imaging™

- Non symmetrical designs
- Patterns and images that follow the direction of the shape
- Gradual radiuses
- Low relief parts

It all starts with your original idea and an inkling of a better way. Let us help you expand your imagination beyond the basics of colour, texture, tone and gloss.

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