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Aviation-industry professionals rely on KYDEX® Thermoplastics for meeting safety, quality, and aesthetic standards. Recently, two major airlines approached us about the staining of thermoplastic aircraft components installed with new seat programs. These components were not in service for long, nor were they subject to any extreme staining agents. After investigation the airlines learned that the components were not made from KYDEX® Thermoplastic sheet, but they asked us for insight and support. We were surprised, as parts made from PVC/PMMA have exhibited excellent chemical and stain resistance, regardless of the sheet manufacturer.

At the request of the airlines, we conducted the standard internal tests we use when developing new formulations for aviation interiors—a 28-day investigation of the effect of the 10 most common aviation-industry chemical cleaners on KYDEX® Thermoplastics and competitive PVC/PMMA products. Results proved that the KYDEX® thermoplastic sheets resisted staining while the PVC/PMMA sheets did not. Download the report.

When We Collaborate...The Sky’s the Limit.

The KYDEX® Thermoplastics brand is recognized by designers, engineers, and OEMs as a leader in specialty polymers for aviation interiors. From flight deck to tail, our complete portfolio provides fully-compliant materials with excellent mechanical properties and a refined degree of integral finish and color for an enhanced passenger experience. Our experts will guide you through material selection, design, and delivery.

Applications include:

Why KYDEX® Thermoplastics?

SEKISUI SPI was one of the first thermoplastic sheet manufacturers to develop materials for the specialized flame, smoke, and heat release requirements of commercial aviation interior components. We continue to challenge how to think, design, and create as a master supplier with our collaborative process, innovative R&D solutions, and exceptional technical support.

SEKISUI SPI's versatile, design-forward materials provide a wide range of options for a cohesive design and personalized fit and finish throughout the cabin. Integral color, effect, and imagery keep parts looking new, longer.

Infused Imaging™ technology

Traditionally, images or patterns are achieved in a thermoplastic sheet by adding material to its surface, or by printing on the surface. Infused Imaging™ technology integrates custom design into the KYDEX® Thermoplastic sheet. The result is the ultimate in customization without the compromise of capped or printed solutions, which can chip or delaminate over time.

To learn about the benefits of thermoplastics and how to convert from your current material to thermoplastics, visit our thermoforming basics section

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