SEKISUI unveils new Infused Imaging™ technology at Aircraft Interiors EXPO 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

Designers' bespoke creative patterns and artwork can be infused into thermoplastic sheet by the thermoplastic manufacturer.

Hamburg, Germany – April 13, 2015. — Today at the annual Aircraft Interiors EXPO, SEKISUI Polymer Innovations, LLC, manufacturer of the KYDEX® and ALLEN® brands of thermoplastic sheet products, unveiled Infused Imaging™.

Thermoplastic surfaces with bespoke patterns and design are typically achieved by application of a 'cap layer' to a polymer sheet either during production or after thermoforming. For the first time in the thermoplastics industry, pattern-in-product is now possible. The unique process integrates design into their polymer through new technology and manufacturing excellence — possibly relegating film caps on thermoformed parts to the 'history' of product developments. The new technology can be applied across the company's product lines and industries the company serves.

Ronn Cort, COO & President of SEKISUI SPI explains what this means for the aviation interiors industry and the company, "The industry is increasingly dedicating more resources to attracting and retaining customers through enhanced brand experience. In recent years, we've been listening to the challenges our customers have encountered when faced with sourcing materials for finish and effect that are compliant to aviation interior regulations. Decades-old technology like 'press lamination', application of decorative film caps, and 'bonded buildups' all create challenges for the seating and interiors manufacturers. Now, customised, integral patterns and bespoke artwork created by the client can be used throughout the cabin as part of a design concept, which becomes part of the company's brand, far beyond a name or colour. It's the ultimate in customisation and part of SPI's commitment to continuous improvements in customer collaboration, quality, innovation, design, and color. No more 'last-minute design compromises' due to deformed designs, cap delamination, or burn test failure because of multi-layer construction. This new technology means the design IS the polymer."


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