SEKISUI SPI Announces Research & Innovation Manager, Sean M. Stabler

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

SEKISUI SPI, Manufacturer of KYDEX® Thermoplastics, Plans for Future with Research and Innovation Manager, Sean M. Stabler

Innovation. For some companies, it’s simply a word thrown around to sound cutting edge.

Or it’s a definition read from a PowerPoint screen: “the action or process of innovating, a new method, idea, product, etc.”

At SEKISUI SPI, innovating in the spirit of Kaizen (continuous improvement) is so important, a position has been dedicated to it. Innovation isn’t a buzzword. It’s lived.

Innovating quickly to provide SEKISUI SPI’s customers with a lighter, safer, and more sustainable material with KYDEX® Thermoplastics is paramount. So are strong leadership skills, a human approach to management, and excitement about researching new and existing materials at SEKISUI SPI.

Sean M. Stabler has all these requirements and more. He has been an inventor/co-inventor of several granted U.S. patents and many pending patents. His experience as a Process Technician, a Polymer/Research and Business Development Engineer, and a Business Development Team Manager has prepared him for his new role as Research and Innovation Manager. Much like the members of his new team at SEKISUI SPI, Sean worked his way up through the ranks in the plastics world.

From researching biopharmaceuticals, foams, additives, and melt processing to fluoropolymers and specialty polyamides, Sean also has the research skills to lead SEKISUI SPI’s R&D department to provide for the growth of the global middle class.

“Sean is a great fit for our culture. His leadership style is well-suited to work with employees, customers, and the Research and Development Team. I’m eager to see how he’ll help lead SEKISUI SPI in current and future product development and internal and external collaboration,” said Justin Noll, Vice President of Research and Development and Supply Chain.

Stabler’s values align with SEKISUI SPI’s culture of giving back within local communities. He serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Plastics and Polymer Program at Pennsylvania College of Technology, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Plastic and Polymer Engineering. Stabler also holds a Master of Science in Material Science and Engineering from Drexel University.

“I have a very diverse background in polymers and strong research skills. I also understand how to build a business by analyzing what the market needs and is asking for while understanding what we can deliver in terms of product and technologies. My specialty is matching market needs with what we can offer,” said Stabler when asked about coming onboard as Research and Innovation Manager.


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