SEKISUI SPI, Manufacturer of KYDEX® Thermoplastics, Announces New Holland Plant Manager

Monday, February 11, 2019

Moving up the Manufacturing Ranks

The year is 1998, and Inspector/Packer Shawn Ayers is working second shift at what was then Kleerdex, Inc. Over the years, he was consistently promoted from Extrusion Line Operator to Manufacturing Manager at SEKISUI SPI after five positions and twenty-one years.

“I came into my adulthood on the shop floor. It’s an advantage for me to have had so much experience in manufacturing,” said Ayers when asked about his new role as Holland Plant Manager.

The manufacturing world is not the only place where Ayers has demonstrated his dedication and passion. He also devoted time to furthering his education while working full-time at SEKISUI SPI. Ayers earned a Bachelor’s in Business Science Administration from Southern New Hampshire University, and has participated in six Kaizen (continuous improvement) competitions on behalf of SEKISUI SPI.

As Holland Plant Manager, Ayers will lead production and work closely with the Supply Chain, Maintenance, EHS, and Quality Departments on paths for continuous improvement. Aided by his implementation of the theory of five constraints, Ayers is ready to use his skills to lead manufacturing into a new era for the growth of the global middle class. “I take a process, find bottlenecks, and remove them. This theory also finds efficiencies and lets them run while simultaneously finding a new stress point to fix,” explained Ayers. This theory is similar to the Kaizen spirit encouraged at SEKISUI SPI, where problems are addressed quickly and solutions are researched and carried out efficiently.

At SEKISUI SPI, personal and professional employee development allows our employees to achieve more than they can imagine. Stepping onto the production floor isn’t simply a job, it’s an opportunity to develop a career. Through Catalytic Coaching supported by tuition reimbursement and training opportunities, every employee can create their own career.


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